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“Attention All Team Managers”

We are getting down to the last three weeks of the season for both Boys & Girls, and there are way too many make up games that have to be played (if possible).  If your field is not available to play games on, then go play the game at your opponents field!! But get your games played.  And if there’s a Team Manager who keeps on not wanting to reschedule games, you need to call your Division Director and let him know of the problem.

Pony Boys Director   –    Dave Matz        330-519-5389

Pony Girls Director  –    Bob Richards   330-770-8029

Colt Boys Director    –    Pat Carney       330-540-2923

Jim DeChellis – President





Last Day to Add Players To Your Rosters:

Pony Boys  May 30

Colt Boys    June 15