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Attention:  Pony Managers

Due to the current problem with getting “UMPIRES”, use common sense, if you have only (1) Umpire and and you get another person and both Managers agree to play the game, then play the game. I don’t have any answers to the Umpire shortage that’s going on. 


Everything is OK now for turning your scores in on the Scoring Link


Jim DeChellis    President Tri-T


Colt Scheduling Meeting this Sunday, May 2

@ 5:00 PM @ Poland BB Bldg. on Sheridan

Rd. in Poland.  The Team Manager or a Rep. 

from your league, has to be at this meeting

to schedule your team games. Make sure

your have all your Black Out dates to

schedule accordingly.


Last Day to Add Players To Your Rosters:

Pony Boys  May 30

Colt Boys    June 15


 The next Tri-T meeting will be May 19 at 8:00 PM at Poland BB Bldg.  All Colt Schedules, Rule Books, etc.  All Colt Managers are to be at this meeting.  Questions, call Jim DeChellis @ 330-755-6949