Welcome to the 2024 Tri-T Baseball and Softball Season!  We are hopeful that this season is a great experience for you and all of your coaches, players and families that are involved in our league.  Every year brings new changes, especially in the COVID-19 era.  Everyone being able to adjust to these changes is what makes Tri-T a great organization!

Please take some time before the start of the season to review the Tri-T Directory so you can become familiar with how Tri-T operates, the rules and what is expected of everyone who participates.  If at any time there are questions, please contact a Tri-T Officer or Executive Board member who will assist you.  Please include the Directory with your everyday items that you have with you at practice and games.

I want to make sure all team managers and local league officials know that if any problem or situation arises that involves a Tri-T team, or if there are any positive COVID-19 cases, you are asked to contact a Tri-T Officer and your Division Director immediately.  I would also like to encourage all local league officials, managers and coaches to use this Tri-T website to obtain up-to-date information.

At this time, I would like to welcome new leagues and communities to our league and to thank the officers, directors, managers, coaches, players and families for participating in the Tri-T Baseball and Softball League.  I hope your participation is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  We have a well-established league and continue to make improvements each year.  Each year, more communities and leagues choose to participate with other great local community leagues, making Tri-T a nationally recognized youth baseball and softball league.

I would also like to thank all local league officers and give special thanks to the Officers, Board Members and Division Directors of Tri-T for the fine job you do in making Tri-T the best PONY organization in the area.

Best wishes for a safe and successful season!!!

Brett Fine, President
Tri-T Baseball and Softball League, Inc.

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