Mission & Goals

The goal of the Tri-T Baseball and Softball League, Inc. is to bring together various community-based local baseball and softball leagues so that they can conveniently play an interlocking schedule.  As players get beyond the age of twelve, many leagues do not have enough players to form more than a few teams.  If they were to play within their own league, the teams would be playing one another far too often for the players to have a good experience.  Tri-T brings together teams from the entire Mahoning Valley and provides the mecessary administration to have all players have a positive experience.

Tri-T currently administers PONY League baseball for players 14 years old and under, combined Colt-Palomino baseball for players 18 years old and under, and PONY fast pitch softball for players 15 years old and under.  These divisions are chartered with PONY Baseball and Softball, Inc. headquartered in Washington, Pennsylvania and play under their rules unless otherwise stated.

PONY stands for “Protect Our Nation’s Youth”, and Tri-T fully supports this philosophy.  PONY is a non-discriminatory organization which prohibits actions against an individual or league based on race, sex, creed, religion or national orgin.  All policies of the Tri-T Baseball and Softball League, Inc. are geared toward the children of out communities having a positive experience and an environment that will help them develop into successful adults.